Easy, Right? Videos

Check out Duzon E&H’s Easy, Right? videos.These innovative learning videos will surely make  learning English easier and more fun.

Please click on the link of the video that you want to watch.

Lesson 1  At, On, In

Lesson 2  For and Since

Lesson 3  Then and Than

Lesson 4  To and For

Lesson 5  I Ate My Mom.

Lesson 6 People Vs. Peoples

Lesson 7  We Vs. Us

Lesson 8  I and Me

Lesson 9  Her and She

Lesson10   A, An, The

Lesson 11  Who’s and Whose

Lesson 12  That and Those

Lesson 13  This and These

Lesson 14  It’s Hard.

Lesson 15  Some and Something

Lesson 16  Envious and Jealous

Lesson 17   Year Old Vs. Years Old

Lesson 18   Much Vs. Many

Lesson 19 Success Vs. Successful

Lesson 20 Comparative Adjectives

Lesson 21 Fun Vs. Funny

Lesson 22 Too, Either, and Neither

Lesson 23 Already

Lesson 24 Go home Vs Go to home

 Lesson 25 Sea Vs. Beach

Lesson 26 Play Vs. Hangout

Lesson 27 Nice To See You Vs. Nice To Meet You

Lesson 28 Do you ever…? Vs. Have you ever..?

Lesson 29 L Vs. R

Lesson 30 Tired Vs. Tiring

Lesson 31 Listen Vs. Hear

Lesson 32 No Article For Sports

Lesson 33 When and If

Lesson 34 On or Last Saturday

Lesson 35 Can Vs May

Lesson 36 Lend Vs. Borrow

Lesson 37 Go/Went To School

Lesson 38 I Go/IWent

Lesson 39 Did You Woke?

Lesson 40 Supposed To Be Vs. Supposedly

Lesson 41 Will Vs. Will be Going To

Lesson 42 I Ate Some Medicine

Lesson 43 My Head Is Sick (Hurt)

Lesson 44 Lover Usage

Lesson 45 I Cut My Hair

Lesson 46 I Want To Make A Boyfriend

Lesson 47 My Family Is Three

Lesson 48 He Is So (Such A) Handsome Person

Lesson 49 Korean People

Lesson 50 Maybe Vs. I Think

Lesson 51 Future Progressive

Lesson 52 Present Perfect Progressive Tense

Lesson 53 Almost Vs. Most

Lesson 54 Scared Vs Scary

Lesson 55 Has and Have

Lesson 56 Contractions

Lesson 57 Here and There

Lesson 58 Fraction

Lesson 59 SIV

Lesson 60 Comfortable and Convenient

Lesson 61 STVO

Lesson 62 See, Look, and Watch

Lesson 63 Say Vs. Tell

Lesson 64 I Have Feelings

Lesson 65 Where Are you Come From?

Lesson 66 Learn and Study

Lesson 67 Do  you mind?

Lesson 68 I don’t care. Vs. I don’t mind.

Lesson 69 Missing Be Verb

Lesson 70 She Ugly

Lesson 71 Cross Vs. Across

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