Language Refresher 59: Bad or Badly


Really Learn English gave the following rules that will help us learn how to use ‘bad’ and  ‘badly’


(a) ‘Bad’ is an adjective.  An adjective is a word that describes a person, place, or thing. ‘Bad’ is often used after linking verbs such as:

  • the verb “to be” (am, is, was, were, are)
  • seem
  • feel
  • become
  • appear
  • The house is in bad condition after the fire.
  • This seems like a bad book.


(b) ‘Badly’ is an adverb. Adverbs describe actions. ‘Badly’ is often used after action verbs.


  • We played badly and lost the game.
  • She sang badly.


To read more about this topic, please click here. 


To take the quiz, please click here. 

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