Vocabulary Tips (어휘 팁): Health Expressions

Being sick isn’t the best feeling in the world, but we all experience it and talk about it. Most of us usually say, ‘I’m great!’ or ‘I’m sick’. Instead of using the same old boring expressions, you can use the following idioms to sound more like a native. In this lesson, 7esl gave us some idioms that are useful to talk about being healthy or sick.

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1. Alive And Kicking

Meaning: In good health despite health problems

ExampleI had coronary bypass surgery last winter, but I’m alive and kicking!

2.       An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Meaning: Eating healthy foods will keep one from getting sick (and needing to see a doctor)

Example: Have an apple for a snack, instead of those chips. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, after all.

3.       As fit as a fiddle

Meaning: To be healthy and physically fit

ExampleMy grandfather is ninety years old but he is as fit as a fiddle.

4.       Pale as a ghost

 Meaning: extremely pale

Example: My grandfather was as pale as a ghost when he entered the hospital.

5.       Back on one’s feet

Meaning: physically healthy again

Example: My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.

6.       Break out in a cold sweat

Meaning: to become very ill with a cold/flu.

Example: I usually break out in a cold sweat when I have to make a speech.

7.       Feel on top of the world

Meaning: to feel very healthy

Example: I have been feeling on top of the world since I quit my job.

8.       Go Under the knife

Meaning: undergo surgery

Example: I’m going under the knife next month to try to solve my knee problems. Hope it helps!

9.       Laughter is the best medicine

Meaning: laughing a lot is a very effective means of recovering from physically or mentally injury

Example: I think the best thing for you right now would be to spend some time with people you can joke around with. Laughter is the best medicine after all!

10.    Under the weather

Meaning: not feeling well

Example: My boss has been under the weather all week and has not come to work during the time.

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