TEAM NEWS: Team Jean’s Farewell for Teacher Princess

Team Jean said their goodbyes to Teacher Princess on her last day by having a fun wedding- themed game. They all enjoyed playing Charades that is perfect for her upcoming wedding this month. Best wishes!

TEAM NEWS: Team Jhona’s 20-Day Perfect Attendance | February

Team Jhona reached their Day 20 last February 3, 2020 and they celebrated their achievement with a box of pizza! Check out their photos!

TEAM NEWS: Team Ronald’s Pre-Valentine’s Lunch

Team Ronald had their Team Lunch to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 13, 2020. What made it more exciting was that they all wore the color that described their relationship status! Check out their pictures.

TEAM NEWS: Teacher Mela and Teacher Gerica’s Birthday Celebration

Teacher Mela celebrated her birthday last January 24th, while Teacher Gerica celebrated hers last January 30th. Team Kyle prepared birthday cards containing all their greetings for them, as well as two mini cakes. They also received some red ribbon gift certificates from the management. Check out their photos! Photocard by: QS Rayz