Events: Game 5 of the Yutnori Competition 2018

Last Friday, September 21, OPS-IT and Team Jean defended their titles. Manager Joey coached team OPS-IT while TM Manager Yani coached Team Jean.  OPS-IT won Game 5 of the Yutnori Competition. Check out some of their pictures below.                  

Team News: Team Lunet’s Team Building

Yesterday, June 13, 2018, Team Lunet braved the rainy weather for their Team Building. The team had fun playing bowling and other games. Afterwards, they enjoyed a delicious lunch at Giligan's Restaurant.  CM Kevin Ro, CM Tyler Bae and AM TM Manager Yani Cammayo attended the Team Building. Check out some of their photos!   … Continue reading Team News: Team Lunet’s Team Building

Messages from our Students: Teacher Marie, Teacher Ren and Teacher Grace

Teacher Anne Marie Sibaruten, Teacher Reniel Masa and Teacher Mae Grace Guial received inspiring messages from their students. Check this post out.        

Douzone Weekly

Check out some  photos of the events and happenings in Duzon last week!   TM and QAPD surprised Manager Aiz on her birthday last Thursday:      AM TM Manager Yani and the AM TLs took their "annual audit picture" before the audit last Friday:      Management team celebrated Manager Aiz's birthday and the success of the … Continue reading Douzone Weekly

QP Campaign 2018: Shoe your Luck Championship Round

The championship round for the 2018 Quality Policy Campaign -Shoe Your Luck was held yesterday, March 15, 2018. Three teams competed-Team Lunet, Team Mars and Team Management.  Check out some of the pictures and video from the event yesterday.      Source For Duzon teachers and staff, please use … Continue reading QP Campaign 2018: Shoe your Luck Championship Round

Team News: Team Arden’s Team Performance Meeting

Team Arden had their performance meeting and their February top performers and special awardees were recognized. Check out some of the photos from their February top performer’s recognition.        

Events: Shoe Your Luck Elimination Round (QP Campaign)

Last Monday and Tuesday, the elimination round for the first part of our Quality Policy Campaign this 2018 - Shoe Your Luck was held. AM and PM Teams had  very exciting games! Check out some of these pictures! Team Lunet is the winner in AM and Team Mars won in PM. They will be competing for the … Continue reading Events: Shoe Your Luck Elimination Round (QP Campaign)

Team News: Team Arden’s Christmas Party and Teacher Sachi’s Birthday Celebration

Team Arden had a simple Christmas celebration last Friday and they also celebrated Teacher Sachi's Birthday. They had delicious meals, exchange gifts and Christmas stocking competition!  CM Jerry Park also celebrated with the team. Check out some pictures from their party.  

Team News: Team Mars’s Celebration for Teacher Jenni’s Birthday

Teacher Jennifer Samante celebrated her birthday last October 13, 2017. Team Mars threw a fun birthday celebration for her! Check out of their team’s photos.

September LS Idols Received Their Gifts

Teacher Julia and Teacher Eleazar received their simple gifts from the QAPD department for continuously getting high scores in the LS Refresher quizzes. Good job guys!