Message from the CEO

1915048_102703983117300_6667147_n.jpgI would like to give the heartiest welcome to you all.

Social psychologists have distinguished two types of human needs as physiological needs and social needs.

As you know, the physiological needs are instinctive desires, that serve as bases for our survival, and they are easily satisfied since we don’t need prior training or experience to fulfill them.

On the other hand, social needs are the needs that we can fulfill with constant effort, and two of the most basic social needs are the desire to learn and the desire to grow.

To that end, we are constantly working on providing better contents and methods of learning for constant growth, with the belief that one can see as much as one knows.

We are doing our best for learners of knowledge to satisfy their needs for fulfillment.

We provide three types of services.

The first service we provide is English solution for 21st century globalization.

We are aware that just focusing on grammar and vocabulary is not enough for English learning.

At the face of globalization, problem solving skills through conversation with foreigners are becoming increasingly important.

For this matter, we provide English speaking service for the first time in Korea through “Inglish(real time video English program

Second, we provide music education service for development of EQ and creative thinking. We have exclusive rights to use MusIQ Software( which was invented by Canadian developer in 1996 for music education service. Fifteen years of research and experience with this program contributed greatly in learning how to play the piano for anyone in a simple way.

The method of education with MusIQ embraces better contents which are developed by education research team, a proper pedagogy and the latest technology.

Third, we provide Life time education program ( / which helps busy office workers to continually fulfill their ‘growth needs’ while working.

Without having to mention “From the cradle to the grave”, there are countless things to learn and improve in the corporate environment where continuous study is necessary.

For this matter, we are offering ‘e-learning job educational program’ which enables our customers to study anywhere in the world with the Internet. We also offer ‘intensive offline job educational program’ which facilitates our customers to have a job training on the spot.

The majority of our life time educational programs are supported with the National Employment Insurance Refundable Course to lessen the burden on the students.

We would like to help those who are in need of learning by providing easy and interesting learning methods. Through the educational courses we are providing, we wish you fulfill all your growth and academic needs.  With your endless support and valuable advice, we promise to continually improve our services to better meet your needs.

Sincerely Yours

Douzone E&H in Philippines CEO