Hiring: Online English Teachers

Duzon E&H in Philippines Corporation DUZON E&H is a leading company in English education and a subsidiary of the no.1 IT firm in Korea, Douzone ICT Group which concentrates on developing and supplying IT solutions for enterprises, providing IT competitiveness for Korean firms. Duzon E & H has established a fast-growing ESL company offering jobs … Continue reading Hiring: Online English Teachers

Easy, Right? Videos

Check out Duzon E&H's Easy, Right? videos.These innovative learning videos will surely make  learning English easier and more fun. Please click on the link of the video that you want to watch. Lesson 1  At, On, In Lesson 2  For and Since Lesson 3  Then and Than Lesson 4  To and For Lesson 5  I … Continue reading Easy, Right? Videos

WORD OF THE DAY (오늘의 단어): Meadow

Do you want to know what “meadow”  means? 이 단어의 뜻을 알고 싶어요? Check this out to find out what “meadow” means 이 글을 보세요. Photo: Pixabay Answer (답): – Land that is covered or mostly covered with grass. Pronunciation (발음): [ mead·​ow ] | Noun- Listen Sample Sentence (샘플 문장): "The wildflowers are blooming in the meadow." SOURCE ***Disclaimer: The … Continue reading WORD OF THE DAY (오늘의 단어): Meadow

PREMIUM TALKING TIPS: How to be More Efficient: Stop ‘Precrastinating’

Don’t have any idea on what topic to discuss for Premium Talking Today? Then, please check out this article by BBC. Photo: Pixabay Whether or not we care to admit it, we’re all familiar with procrastination: waiting until the last minute to catch up with pressing tasks, often leading to subpar or incomplete work. The … Continue reading PREMIUM TALKING TIPS: How to be More Efficient: Stop ‘Precrastinating’

NEWS: TM Monthly Meeting | March

The Teacher Management Department had a monthly meeting recently to discuss some TM updates and to formally welcome our newly hired Team Leader, Jona Grace Macyat. TM Mgr. Yani Cammayo also provided some refreshments to all the TM members. Check out their photos!

Experts say that your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat. Haidee Chu of Mashable gave us some tips on how to clean our devices. Edited by: Mgr. Yani Things you need: Two lint-free clothsMild hand soapWaterToothpick or Q-tip (optional) How to do it: 1. Make sure you know exactly how water-resistant your phone is. … Continue reading HEALTH TIPS: How to Disinfect Your Smartphones

HEALTH TIPS: How to Disinfect Your Smartphones